Anchor Wiring Accessories

For the last five decades, Anchor has captivated the minds of the prosaic and the prolific with its wide range of quality electrical switches and accessories. It is also India’s only electrical “SuperBrand” in this particular segment of the electrical industry and the amassed popularity has simply made it a synonym for a switch nationally. Empowered by the technological proficiency from Panasonic, it has constantly endeavored to deliver simplistic solutions for the residential and commercial premises.

Innovation and Designing Excellence is what Anchor has been bringing straight to the home and business premises right from 1963. In the year 1976, it gave the nation its first Piano Switch. Be it Ave Sistema 44 at the helm of the luxury modular, Vision with technological excellence Woods and Roma Viola with stupefying finish in the premium modular, its aim to deliver the best has enabled it to constantly occupy the ‘Numero Uno’ position for Switch manufacturing excellence in India. With several brands like Roma, Roma Allure, Rider and Penta, it has hallmarked its position straight to the heart of the nation. Its accessories range includes a wide variety of Door Bells, Spike Guards, Flexi cords, Plug Tops and Multi plugs.

The ability to bring a sense of security, quality and affordability drives Anchor to bring not just products but simplistic solutions that change for the better, suiting the customer’s requirements.

  • Switch and Socket
  • Smart Anchor

Premium Modular

Specially textured surface with Matte Finish and sleek plate design

Range comprises of switches and accessories with exquisite craftsmanship and unique design to suit the décor of plush residential and commercial interiors.

Mid Modular

Specialty range available for residential, commercial & hospitality use.

Premium Switches range, Sleek and Collarless design, Elegant with smooth gloss finish

Eco Modular

Switches & Accessories in glossy white, Front removal accessories for easy fitment

Sleek and slim design., All products adhere to BIS requirements.

Non Modular

Available in Polycarbonate (PC) and Urea material, White and Ivory finishes for Penta PC range

Modular Boxes

Suitable for Roma, Penta Modular, Rider, Vision, Woods