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Welding Machine

The Welding Equipment’s introduced by our trained professionals has already created a benchmark in the industrial world. The safety measures associated with our devices have differentiated it with the other devices of the same genre. The raw materials used in making the Welding Equipment’s has passed a number of tests before they got utilized.

Arc Welding Inverter

We cater to each and every need of our clients and hence, proffer them the best quality welding equipment. The Arc Welding Inverters that we deliver can be compatible with high loads of welding operation. The compact design and superiority in performance have fetched appreciation and belief from our clients or customers. These are totally ideal for reliable and safe welding operation.


MIG Welding Inverter

MIG Welding Inverters conform the international standard of function. Kepro deals in the most superior quality of welding equipment. All the MIG welding inverters cope with easy welding operation. Protective devices, fitted with such machines, assist the welders to work with complete safety. We provide the standardized tools at the best possible range after conducting proper and thorough inspections.

Inverter – MIG MMA Welding

TIG Welding Inverter

We believe in delivering quality products and hence, all our welding equipments offer complete safety and security. The TIG Welding Inverters, bearing international standard, are tested before being provided to our discerning customers. The inverters also fused with control and protective devices that assist the welders to work with complete potential and ease.

Inverter - TIG MMA Welding

AC/DC Welding Inverter

We offer the AC/DC Welding Inverters after testing them thoroughly. Getting approval after the trial, we intend to provide the safest and most superior quality equipment to our esteemed customers. These inverters need easy maintenance and upkeeping. Light weight and compact design are other aspects for which welders do not have to go through burdensome situations at the time of welding.

Inverter - AC/DC Machine

Conventional Transformers

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Transfer - Switch Type (MMA)
Transfer – Stud Type (MMA)
Transformer- Shunt/Rotary Type

Conventional MIG

After understanding all the requirements of our clients for a wide range of industrial purpose welding machines, we have come up with a brilliant idea of introducing the Conventional MIG. This particular device is generally used in automobile industries, cycle industries, shipyards, etc. The unique design of the front panel of the device has specially been designed for controlling it very easily.

Welding Rectifiers (MIG/MAG)

Welding Rectifiers

We are well known for providing our customers with the best ever technology based Welding Rectifiers. The device is mainly used for transforming the AC power into DC power at the time of welding. The easy operating system and the low running cost of the device are the basic reasons behind the high demand of this particular product.

Welding Rectifiers (MMA)

Golfking Grass Cutting Machine

We offer grass cutting machine of golf king brand of two types.




Drill Machine

Working of Drilling Machine: Drilling is a material removal operation. The component is clamped securely on the work table and the cutting tool i.e. Drill rotates at a cutting speed and is feed into the job. The material removal takes place in the form of chips. Selection of Drill nomenclature i.e. Point angle , Helix angle and no of cutting flutes depends upto the material to be drilled. The Cutting Angle (Point angle ) can be modified whereas the latter are fixed by Drill manufacturers. For Drilling: Ferrous metals the point angle is kept as 118°, Non Ferrous Metals @ 140° and for Plastics < 80°. Cutting speed depends upon the material to be Drilled, type of drill used, rate of Feed and depth of hole. For Drilling Ferrous Metals cutting speed reduces with the increase in tensile strength (5-8 m/min for tool steels & 20-23 m/min for mild steels). Non Ferrous Metals @ 35-105 m/min. Feed depends upon cutting speed and drill diameter. It increases with the diameter of drill (Drill Ø 1.5mm feed @ 0.04 mm/rev, for Drill Ø 38mm & above feed @ 0.4 mm/rev)


  • Designed and built with an expertise of more than five decades in machine tools.
  • Sturdy streamlined construction enables to withstand & absorb heavy cutting forces.
  • High grade alloy steel carburized, case hardened & precision ground to close tolerances used for main drive elements i.e. spindle, quill, sleeve, gears etc.
  • Drill head, arm & other casting parts made from graded casting for high rigidity.
  • Spindle Hardened & Ground with internal taper ground.
  • Spindle Runout at final testing within 10-20 microns.
  • Column made of seamless steel tube precision ground & hard chromed.
  • Main gears, spindle & motor pulleys are perfectly balanced to avoid vibrations.
  • 2 years Warranty.
  • Table Runout (right angle) 30 to 40 microns.

Air Compressor

Mittal Machinery is a recognised industry leading traders of rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors. This range includes both lubricated and oil-free compressors specifically developed for industries requiring 100% oil-free air. For more information about the wide range of products available within each range make a selection from the products shown below.

We Offer
  • Oil Flooded
  • Oil Free
  • PET
  • High Pressure
  • Protable
  • Light Industrial Reciprocating